Swim Screening

Swim screenings allow for the accurate measurement of the mechanics required to swim.  Swimmers are usually exposed to high loads and therefore inadequate biomechanics can lead to overload type injuries particularly involving the shoulder girdle, cervical spine, lumbar spine, as well as, the hip and knee complex.  

With experience, expertise and a particular interest in treating swimmers we both aim to reduce the risk of injury, as well as,  increase performance.  With accurate assessment of strength related to the shoulder complex and rotator cuff, as well as, joint range of motion involving the shoulder girdle, cervical and thoracic spine, hip knee and ankle complex we identify swimmers that are at a higher risk of injury.  Furthermore, we aim to improve mechanical position to generate power and reduce drag through the water to improve performance.  

We complete swim screens in the clinic, as well as, pool side at clubs and swim meets.


- Accurate Assessment -
- Actionable Intervention -
- Optimal Outcomes -