Knee Screening

Knee screening is based upon accurately assessing sports specific movements to reduce the risk of injury such as ACL rupture, patellofemoral pain, patellar tendinopathy, as well as, other injuries involving the lower extremity.  We create strengthening and movement programs to decrease the risk of injury and improve parameters of performance such as speed, power and agility.  

There is a growing base of scientific evidence that ACL preventative programs can reduce the risk of injury whilst improving athletic performance.  We utilise force plate data and high speed motion analysis to accurately explore sports specific movements to formulate targeted programs to improve strength and movement patterns.  

We look at mechanics of jumping, landing, hopping, cutting (change direction) and deceleration to accurately explore the demands that multi directional movement places upon the athlete.  


- Accurate Assessment -
- Actionable Intervention -
- Optimal Outcomes -