Gait Analysis

Gait analysis can play a major role in pre and post operative rehabilitation, as well as, improving functional decline.  We utilise a Zebris instrumented treadmill to gather force plate data to accurately measure the parameters of the gait cycle.  Furthermore, high speed video capture is utilised to gather accurate data on joint kinematics whilst you walk.  Our treadmill is equipped with a safety harness to ensure it is accessible to all individuals regardless of your functionality.  

We are able to prescribe individualised programs that are based upon improving your strength, balance and overall well-being.  Our walking programs have the ability to have profound impacts on an individual's life to maintain independence, confidence and safety whether you are recovering post-operatively or suffering from functional decline. 

Gait analysis is ideal for the following: 

- Total Hip Replacement -  pre and post-op
- Total Knee Replacement - pre and post-op
- Age Related Functional decline
- Balance Impairments and Falls
- Neurological Conditions including Parkinson's


- Accurate Assessment -
- Actionable Intervention -
- Optimal Outcomes -