At The Running Room we provide the best level of care and utilise the most advanced evidence and technology in physiotherapy, biomechanical assessment and exercise therapy.

We have a wealth of experience in treating sporting injuries and implementing high level rehabilitation at the elite level.  At The Running Room your recovery and performance is important to us and we tailor our treatment specifically to your needs.  With the perfect combination of 'hands-on' physiotherapy coupled with specific strength and mobility programs you will overcome injury and return to your best.  The use of innovative technologies enables accurate assessment and monitoring to ultimately improve your movement.

sports physio

With a focus on treating the active individual, our physiotherapy interventions incorporate soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, dry needling, active release, taping and exercise intervention including targeted strength and mobility programs to treat the following; 

- Sporting Injuries
- Back and Neck pain - including headaches
- Shoulder Pain and injuries of the upper extremity
- Hip and Knee pain/pathology  
- Foot and Ankle pain/pathology
- Pre and Post operative rehabilitation
- Muscle Strains
- Ligament Sprains

- Accurate Assessment -
- Actionable Intervention -
- Optimal Outcomes -