Patrick McNamara


Patrick-McNamara -Physio

Patrick is a wonderful Physio and an excellent Runner. He runs marathons in Sub 3 and also has put himself through Ultra Marathons. Because of this experience he is absolutely fantastic at helping you with any condition from the hip down. This includes Knee and Hip Arthritis, Bursitis, Shin Splints and Achilles Tendons.

Pat can not only assess your running but write a program and get you running stronger, longer and injury free. Due to this experience of lower limbs Pat can help you weather you’re a runner or not.

Pat also loves to treat the active individual and has extensive experience treating gym goers, cross-fit athletes and sporting injuries. If you love to move, Pat is the physio to get you back on track.

Recently Pat and our Massage Therapist at Rozelle, Mike, started a podcast on all things running called “That’s Running”.

You can book an appointment online with Pat via the portal below.