Alex Bell



Alex moved to the Northern Beaches of Sydney after growing up in the Yarra Valley, Victoria.  He completed his Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy at Monash University.    He received a number of coveted academic awards such as The Eliza McAuley Memorial Prize, the Year Four Bachelor of Physiotherapy Prize and the Faculty Award for Top Year 4 Student (In recognition of exceptional performance in the Physiotherapy program). 

He finished his physiotherapy degree in New York City some years ago and was fortunate enough to work in one of the top clinics for sports medicine, physical therapy and athletic performance where he found his passion for high level biomechanical assessment.   Since relocating to Sydney Alex has been undertaking and further developing running, gait and functional assessments as part of his physiotherapy treatment. 

The use of instrumented treadmills, 2D motion analysis and the implementation and analysis of force plate data is a main stay of Alex's physiotherapy assessment and intervention.  Alex utilises the best technology to accurately explore the demands that running and multidirectional movement places on the athlete.  This allows access to the most innovative, but more importantly, actionable data that is used to create individualised treatment programs that guide rehabilitation, as well as, promoting injury prevention and performance enhancement.   

Alex's passion for providing the highest level of care for his patients brought about the development of The Running Room.  The Running Room exists to provide individuals with biomechanical and movement assessments that have traditionally only been available to the elite.  This is a powerful tool that Alex combines with traditional physiotherapy modalities including; soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, dry needling, as well as, specific strength, proprioceptive and mobility exercises.  Alex enjoys treating a wide range of conditions and has extensive experience treating neck and back pain, shoulder pain, as well as, knee pain and lower limb injuries both in the active and post-operative population. 

Alex has clinical experience in a wide range of sporting codes and at the elite level he has provided physiotherapy for both the USA and Canada ice hockey teams as part of the Ice Hockey Classic in both 2016 and 2017.  He was a touring physiotherapist for Nitro Circus as part of the Regional Tour of Australia in 2017 providing physiotherapy in Victoria, Tasmania and regional New South Wales. Furthermore, Alex was the head physiotherapist for an EFL division 2 football team whilst in Melbourne, as well as, providing physiotherapy pre and post-race within the Gatorade Triathlon Series, Melbourne Trail Series and Victorian Athletics events.