The Running Room Technologies.

The Game Is Changing.

The Running Room Technologies serves to provide clinics and clinicians with the tools to accurately assess and interpret the demands that gait, running and multi directional movement places upon the athlete and individual. With a broad range of applications The Running Room Technologies provides accurate assessment for:

- Running Analysis
- Gait Assessment
- Pre and Post Rehabilitation especially with the lower extremity and lumbopelvic region
- Neurological Rehabilitation
- Assistance with clinical decision making in the field of Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Allied Health
- Assistance with Orthotic prescription and adjustment
- Training and biofeedback

The Running Room as a concept incorporates the most innovative technology including The Running Room Instrumented Treadmill equipped with Zebris Technology, as well as, Simi Aktysis 2D high speed motion capture with active markers.

The Running Room is the authorised distributor for a number of key suppliers including Zebris & Molibso.

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