Quinton Le fevre.


I am a Director of Pacific Performance Sports Distribution trading as Biomechanix - distributor of Zebris, Simi, Bertec, Delsys, Desmotec and gebioMized in Australia. 
I have 35 years experience as a podiatrist and have created some of the best equipped practices in Australia. 
In 2009 I installed the most comprehensive diagnostic equipment incorporating a Zebris combined force plate/treadmill, EMG and 3D motion analysis system complemented by an Orthema in house orthotic design and fabrication facility into my podiatry practice. 
This lead to several of my podiatry associates also choosing to install Zebris treadmills in their practices. 
I am establishing labs within The Running Room, with a view to exposing Australia to some of the diagnostic equipment that is used in both Europe and the USA