The Running Room is not your average physiotherapy and podiatry practice.  The Running Room is one of the best equipped sports biomechanical assessment laboratories in Australia.  The Running Room is a ‘movement lab’ based in two locations across Sydney and implements the most advanced technology to perform biomechanical screenings of athletes from all sporting codes.

The Running Room is more than a clinic.  It is a concept and we exist to provide individuals with biomechanical and movement assessments that have traditionally only been available to the elite. 

Running and movement analysis has the ability to improve performance, prevent injury and ensure optimal rehabilitation and recovery. High speed Simi 2D and 3D video motion capture, instrumented Zebris treadmills, Delsys myography, as well as, Desmotec isoinertial training enable us to accurately explore the demands that running and multidirectional movement places on the athlete.  This allows us access to the most innovative and actionable data that is used to create individualised treatment programs that guide rehabilitation, as well as, promoting injury prevention and performance enhancement.   

We are proud to be located on The Northern Beaches of Sydney, in Cromer as well as, servicing the eastern suburbs in Clovelly.